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Online stores with interior furnishings

Stores with textiles

Furniture stores

Architects and designers

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Printing, cutting, and sewing all in one.


We are able to print your designs on a variety of different materials. We print in running meters or in custom sizes as per individual requirements.

 Upon customer request, we sew finished products tailored to your needs. 
We also offer cutting services to specified dimensions and packaging according to customer specifications.

Na życzenie klienta szyjemy gotowe produkty, dopasowane do Państwa potrzeb. 

Wykonujemy również usługę cięcia na wskazany wymiar i pakowania według specyfikacji klienta.

product categories

 We fulfill orders based on individual patterns in the following categories


decorative and seating

headrests and backrests


duvet covers, pillows, sheets

bed runners

Table textiles

tablecloths, napkins

table runners


classic and shower curtains

Japanese walls

Other customer requests

prints of entire bales of material


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Discover the fabrics we work with.

We print and sew with both, our own materials and those of our clients

You can have your projects realized on the following fabrics:

  • Cotton satin - weight 145 g/m², printing width up to 160 cm
  • Cotton twill - weight 226 g/m², printing width up to 160 cm
  • Linen - weight 185 g/m², printing width 150 cm
  • Soft polyester - weight 210 g/m², printing width 150cm
  • Basic polyester - weight 250g/m², printing width 135 cm
  • Outdoor polyester - weight 200 g/m², printing width 160 cm
  • Premium velvet - weight 360 g/m², printing width 142 cm

In the case of printing on customer's fabrics, we conduct tests before production to check how the fabric behaves and how the graphics look.

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Discover our printing options

Direct printing
High quality and speed of production

The process involves directly applying inks to the fabric using a Kornit Presto S machine, which uses advanced ink technologies. This makes it possible to precisely apply colors to various types of materials, ensuring high quality and speed of production. Direct printing with Presto S allows you to achieve long-lasting, high-quality prints perfect for individual projects.

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Sublimation printing
High precision and intense colors

Transfer printing technology is known for its excellent precision and color intensity, which makes the prints exceptionally expressive and durable. The ink is applied to specially prepared paper, which after drying passes through a calender, where the print sublimates directly into the fabric structure, ensuring durability and high quality of the print.

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What does the ordering and production process look like?

Fabric selection

Choose a fabric from our collection tailored to your needs.

File upload

Send us a graphic file in good quality.

Arranging the details

Specify the sewing method, size and location of the graphics. 

Preparation of visualization

You will receive a visualization or test prints of your project for approval. 

Preparation of a quote

Based on previous arrangements, we will prepare a project valuation.  

Finalization of the project

After receiving acceptance, we will specify the details of the order, delivery date, shipping and payment method.  

White label

It is possible to ship finished products directly to the end customer.

We are able to fulfill orders under the brand of the company ordering the production.

Are you interested in this form of cooperation?

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Why is it worth working with us?

No minimum order quantity

We fulfill orders in any quantity, from single pieces to thousands. We print and sew individual orders (each piece has a different pattern, size, finish), as well as entire series of repeatable products.

We have our own warehouses and sewing room

We have a large availability of the most popular fabrics, so our customers do not have to invest their own funds to purchase components before starting production.

Personalized products

We create products according to the customer's criteria (size, selection of fabrics, colors, sewing methods, packaging).

High quality products

We adapt the printing technology to specific types of fabrics to ensure the maximum durability of the products.

We make test prints

You don't have to buy a cat in a poke. Before placing an order, you can make test prints.

Shipping wholesale and individually

We are able to deliver single batches of orders to different addresses.

We provide advice

At every stage of the order, we provide advice and support in creating products. You don't have to be an expert in printing or sewing. We will go through the entire implementation process together.

Fast order processing time

Thanks to the constant availability of materials and a staff of over 200 people and working in two shifts, we are able to fulfill orders even in 3-5 days.

We ship throughout Europe

We cooperate internationally and have experience with foreign contractors for many years.